As famous as the Park itself, the Queen II is an Okoboji favorite. In the late 19th century, the lakes region became a resort area and the small steamboats and sailboats could not keep up with the flow of vacationers. The Queen, a large steamer, was constructed, along with other larger boats, to accommodate this new need. By the 1920s, the construction of roads around the lakes brought about the demise of most of the fleet. The Queen stayed in service for those people who wished to see the lake by water. In 1973 the Queen was finally retired, after 89 years of service. The Queen II was commissioned and built in 1986 and she was designated the “Flagship of the Iowa Navy.”

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48" And Over Ticket
$16.95per ride
  • One excursion
36" - 47" Ticket
$5.95per ride
  • One excursion
  • Must be accompanied by an adult
Season Membership
$54.952016 Season
  • Unlimited Excursions

Senior Ticket: $14.95

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Children under 36″ ride for free!